Pokemon Chilling Reign Card Art

Chilling Reign -

Pokemon Chilling Reign Card Art

Our excitement for the upcoming Chilling Reign has intensified with the reveal of some of the English cards from the set! Chilling Reign is the next set from Sword & Shield and will include over 190 cards including a ton of V and VMAX Pokemon. Among the reveals are the VMAX versions of Calyrex, both in its Ice Rider and Shadow Rider Forms! These are sure to be popular and will bring a ton of power to the TCG! Also revealed are Castform in its normal form and its alternate forms, Sunny, Rainy and Snowy! They all allow you to ignore energy costs if you have more than 8 stadiums in your discard pile, which can be super powerful in the later game! Check out the media gallery below to view all for these awesome Pokemon and two new trainer cards, Old Cemetery and Fog Crystal.


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