Pokémon TCG - Time To Celebrate!

Celebrations -

Pokémon TCG - Time To Celebrate!

So this weekend the Pokémon TCG had the release of a mini set to mark its 25th anniversary- Celebrations. Each box is packed full of nostalgia pulled from the different eras of the trading card game as well as adding new cards to the standard format.


There are 25 new cards which are tournament legal:


1/25 Ho-Oh

2/25 Reshiram

3/25 Kyogre

4/25 Palkia

5/25 Pikachu

6/25 Flying Pikachu V

7/25 Flying Pikachu VMax

8/25 Surfing Pikachu V

9/25 Surfing Pikachu VMax

10/25 Zekrom

11/25 Mew

12/25 Xerneas

13/25 Cosmog

14/25 Cosmoem

15/25 Lunala

16/25 Zacian V

17/25 Groudon

18/25 Zamazenta V

19/25 Yveltal

20/25 Dialga

21/25 Solgaleo

22/25 Lugia

23/25 Professor’s Research (Professor Oak)

24/25 Professor’s Research (Professor Oak) Full Art

25/25 Golden Mew


The Golden Mew is definitely the most expensive card on this part of the list. The other cards are all holo rares too, but they’re definitely collector pieces and won’t see much tournament play. I’ll try to plan out some budget decks in the future that utilise these cards, but really it’s a chance to show off the box legendaries from the games.



The second part of the list is what you’re really aiming for in these 4 card boosters. Again, there are 25 in this classic collection:


Blastoise (Base Set)

Charizard (Base Set)

Venusaur (Base Set)

Imposter Professor Oak (Base Set)

Dark Gyarados (Team Rocket)

Here Comes Team Rocket! (Team Rocket)

Rocket’s Zapdos (Gym Challenge)

_______’s Pikachu (Birthday Pikachu Promo)

Cleffa (Neo Genesis)

Shining Magikarp (Neo Revelation)

Team Magma’s Groudon (EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua)

Rocket’s Admin (EX Team Rocket Returns)

Mew ex (EX Legend Maker)

Gardevoir ex Delta Species (EX Dragon Frontiers)

Umbreon ★ (POP Series 5)

Claydol (Diamond & Pearl: Great Encounters)

Luxray GL lv. X (Platinum: Rising Rivals)

Garchomp C lv. X (Platinum: Supreme Victors)

Donphan Prime (HeartGold SoulSilver)

Reshiram (Black & White)

Zekrom (Black & White)

Mewtwo EX (Black & White: Next Destinies)

Xerneas EX (XY)

Mega Rayquaza EX (XY: Roaring Skies)

Tapu Lele GX (Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising)


The biggest price tag in this set of course belongs to possibly the most famous Pokémon card and the one that kick started the modern collecting craze- Base Set Charizard. Now obviously this reprint is not the original, so it won’t fetch that same price. But the texture on these cards is beautiful (it’s that full art style of foil) and it’s great to see these cards again. Obviously these are aimed at collectors and not playable in standard, but cards from Black & White onwards are playable in expanded.



So the question is, do you buy this set? And it depends what you buy cards for. As a collector, absolutely. This 25th anniversary set is a great look at the history of the game and has lots of exclusives, including promo cards. But as a tournament player, probably give the set a miss. The new cards won’t stand up to things in the main set, much like how the last mini set (Detective Pikachu) didn’t affect the meta.


Personally, I’ll be getting some. I’ve been building a Blastoise collection for years so I have my target for the set. But what do you think? Are you excited for this set? And do you have any decks planned for the new cards? Let me know!


Don’t forget to check out the range of cards here (use promo code BINGLEBANGBANG for 5% off your order) and connect with me on social media to share your pulls!

By Bingle Bangbang

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