Yu-Gi-Oh! - Everything You Need to Know About Ghosts From the Past

Ghosts From The Past -

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Everything You Need to Know About Ghosts From the Past

By Nathaniel Childers

Ghosts. From. The. Past. The name says it all. If you are not excited about this set yet, allow me to enlighten you. Ghosts From the Past is an upcoming collector’s set being released by Konami that pays tribute to some of the game’s heaviest hitters. GFP will contain 132 all-foil cards and will debut 5 new Ghost Rares sure to add some real value to any collection. While this is a collector’s set meant to send a clear nod to the past, it also brings value to the table for anyone looking to get their hands on some all-new loot. 45 of Ghost From the Past’s 132 cards are brand new to the game.

Scheduled Release

Ghosts From the Past was originally scheduled to release on March 26th, 2021. This date was delayed somewhat by complications related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t worry though, as Konami has stated we’ll have this set in-hand by April 16th.

Notable Features

It’s no surprise that Konami has been rather tight lipped about Ghosts From the Past. Here’s what we do know. GFP will feature cards belonging to 9 different themes from past sets, including Dragunity, Cipher, and Shaddoll. This set will also feature 2 new themes. One is Sunavalon, used by Spectre in the VRAINS (Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Network System) Yu-Gi-Oh anime series. Thematically, this archetype focuses on plant-based Link Summoning. The other theme hasn’t been announced yet, but it has been stated by Konami that it will be fresh and unique to the set.

Shiny New Loot

Time for a small disclaimer. While a fair amount of research went into finding this information, none of this should be considered fact until it is confirmed by Konami. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the real reason you are reading this article!

Black Luster Soldier – Soldier of Chaos (Ghost Rare)

Oh yes. According to a trustworthy leak, this is more than likely going to be a real thing. The first Black Luster Soldier was printed back in 1996. Since then, it has seen several iterations. Most notably, there was the 1999 Tournament Black Luster Soldier, trading hands for upwards of a million dollars. While this card won’t be fetching you 7-digit transactions, you can bet your behind it’ll still fetch a pretty penny.

Dark Magician (Ghost Rare)

This one, while no less exciting and satisfying to see get a reprint in Ghosts From the Past, is pretty predictable. Anyone who knows anything about Yu-Gi-Oh knows Dark Magician is the ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense. If any card deserves a Ghost Rare reprint more than this card, it would have to be the next and final one on our list.

Blue Eyes Alternative White Dragon (Ghost Rare)

Blue Eyes Alternative White Dragon… I heard removal is good. This is the one card that Konami has officially revealed as a Ghost Rare available to be picked up in Ghosts From the Past, and for good reason. An absolute beast card from back in the day, the likeness of Blue Eyes White Dragon has become probably the most iconic staple of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise.

This is sure to be an amazing set worth investing in, both for collectors and for current Yu-Gi-Oh players. You can preorder your 3 pack box of Ghosts From the Past here for £13.69.

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